Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Voices Bahamas - A New Chapter in the GLBT Story

We are your fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters; we are your friends, coworkers and clergy. We have doctored you when were ill, repaired your homes after hurricane winds blew hard, educated your children and helped to build a better Bahamas. We are the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Trangender Community of the Bahamas and its heterosexual Allies and we are letting Our Voices be heard.
This Blog Space is devoted to recognizing the presence of GLBT Bahamians in our society. Our Voices Bahamas seeks to advocate, inform, entertain, inspire and encourge our readers. This site will become a resource for the GLBT community and a resource about the GBLT community.
Our Voices is where you can come to find information, support, answers, and strong advocacy of the values of acceptance and the undeniable dignity of the human person in all its diverse expressions.
At Our Voices Bahamas bloggers will post not only on GBLT Rights or news and current events from the GLBT perspective, but we will work hard to make sure important themes like spiritual growth and personal development are explored, while affirming the dignity, diversity and human rights of all human beings.
Our Voices Bloggers are strongly committed to fairness and justice for all; the right of every human being to dignity, to equal protection under the law, the right to live without discrimination and victimization regardless of political affiliation, religion, nationality, physical disability, age, race, creed, gender, sex and sexual orientation.
The Bahamian gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender community has been well served by the tireless efforts of the Rainbow Alliance of the Bahamas to keep up a reasoned discourse with the Bahamian public about the inherent rightness and value fully accepting the diverse nature of our Bahamaland. Our Voices is not simply a forum to further the arguments in favour of equal rights for BGLT Bahamians, although we fully support and endorse the work of human rights and advocacy organizations in the Bahamas - but rather Our Voices hopes to reach beyond the frontiers of the GLBT's place in the legal framework of our country and speak to and for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trangender Bahamians in every context.
We hope to provide you with encouragement to own your truth. We hope to empower you to create a space in our Bahamian homeland where we are all truly accepted and secure. We hope to inspire you so that ultimately we will all share in a stronger GLBT community.
Come home, and let your voice find a place in our chorus. Our Voices Bahamas is here for you.

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